how to save electricity

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    Easy. Turn off all appliances when not in use (at the wall switch). Of course, you can't turn off your refridgerator. Don't keep every light on in the house at night. Use low wattage bulbs. Only switch on the lights you need. Use a gas heater instead of electricity.

    My bill for the last three months was $97:00.

    Electricity in Australia must be alot cheaper than here in the US. My last month bill was $ 140.00. I will turn off all my appliances and see what happens. Thanks eggplant.

    Ok. Don't leave anything on standby and always turn off the switch on the wall. It's all consuming electricity. Even my wall oven is turned off.

    Go back to what our grandma used to do...  Hang out laundry to dry.  Unplug chargers when not in use, they still draw even while not charging but plugged in.  Wash full loads only in washer or dishwasher.  Use cold water when possible.  Do wash of clothes and dishes in off peak hours, at night while you sleep.  Set the water heater (electric or gas) at a lower temperature.  Put shades down on sunny side of house, and keep house cooler to reduce need to use electricity to cool.  Open windows when possible to allow cooler air in, especially at night.  Reverse this in winter, open shades, and allow sunlight to heat house to supplement heating.  Use burners in scale with the pot or pan, too big is not needed for little pans.  Etc.

    Follow eggplants` advice plus. Do your laundry at night if the tariff is lower. Only use dryer if absolutely essential, get a cheap folding in door dryer and use on patio or in doors. Buy cost saver bulbs, rhe fluro type. Open doors and windows during warm days in winter to warm house then close before cold evening sets in. When you boil water for tea or coffee only boil what you are going to use, no sense in boiling a full kettle for a cup of coffee. Put a jacket on rather than a heater.
    My last account for 3mths was $A86, but I have solar hot water and solar electricity panels on roof.

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