Do You have life Insurance?

    Let me know

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    Yes as a matter of fact I do , not much but I do but come to think of it will not do me any good hmmmm

    Yes. Not worth as much as it was when I was younger because the value of your policy usually decreases with age. Depends on what terms you agreed to when you bought it. Most everyone with children get LI to provide for them in case of their untimely death. Hey, it happens.

    Yes, and I left a whole bunch of money to U, LOL.

    No i don't but my wife sure does, perhaps she should wait before asking me to try all these new cocktails..

    Two policies.As above,having offspring initiated this move...otherwise likely never would have invested in such a thing.

    I don't.

    No i havent but i have prepaid my funeral plus my sons the sole beneficiary of my Will anyway so he gets all my possessions when something happens to me.

    No  Got enough set aside to pay  the expenses , Got a will  telling what to do with property so why pay out money I can be  spending  on myself, can't take it with me  so enjoy it.

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