Can people hear when in coma?

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    I believe they can
    Yes they can. That's why doctors tell families to talk to the patient just like they always have, it helps to stimulate the brain.
    Yes, they can. Many can repeat back what was said to them and about them, when they come out of the coma. And they can tell you what kind of music was played for them when they were in a coma.
    When I was in a coma as a child I drifted in and out of consciousness for three weeks. When I came out of the coma I had to learn to walk again and feed myself and talk. It didn’t take long to get those skills back. But the memory of those around me and what they were saying was not as memorable for me. In the movie “Awakenings” Comatose victims who had been vegetative for years were briefly revived with Dopamine (I think) but the effect didn’t last. Some folk in a coma and awake later remember everything that was said to them while they had no control over their physical body. The study of brain activity has greatly advanced over the years.
    I believe so
    Many think they can - so act as if it is true if you are in the presence of someone who is in one
    I think they can. But apart from that, some of the questions put me in a coma and I can still hear.

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