is there a site of old houses that can be bought and moved?

    I would like to buy an older, historic house that can be either moved to a new location or dissasembled.

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    Is there any particular country you have in mind? Maybe another planet even. Sorry we can`t answer without full question.

    I didn't realize anyone had answered me; a month ago!  The house in question is in southern Ontario,Canada (Markham, Pickering area) just east of Toronto.  There were several houses that we were looking at; we fell in love with a stone house (supposedly unrealistic) but a person literally happened upon the scene, who used to be in charge of these houses and gave us a great idea.

    To avoid the whole power line scenario and as the distance is just over 100 miles, why not take the stone house apart, after marking/documenting the exact way it will go back together again?  This avoids the hydro line pitfalls, damage in transit and allows the house to be put together in the new location after being hauled as "construction materials".


    So the question would now be to locate an architect or person with experience in disassembling an historic building, then after pouring a foundation etc., finding a stonemason who could put it together again.

    I look forward to hearing from you with any kind of thread to lead us to the right people.  Thank you for answering; hope to hear from you soon!


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