Drugtest given before accepting a job.

    Whats the quickest way to cleanse your system for a drug test given by employers?

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    buy a wissenater

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    Stop doing drugs.

    Headless Man

    Good answer, don't think that's wanted though.

    You should not be asking this question if you have a substance abuse problem, nor for anyone else. There is a reason for this test. I don't know what it is. Perhaps you're in Law Enforcement, maybe you drive an 18-wheeler, pilot a 767, are an Air Traffic Controller, or are a surgeon and your impaired judgment could put the public-at-large at harm,, or it's related to child custody / visitation, or something else. Trying to" put one over" on the court, your employer, or whatever, does not solve the underlying problem. If you've "made your bed, you have to sleep in it." Lastly, there should be a federal law enacted prohibiting the selling of anything that would mask prohibited substance use. NOBODY should give this *^%# an answer as to how to get around this!

    If you have to clean your system , you dont need or deserve that job. Go work at McDonalds with the rest of the local drug addicts you moron. You will be tested later if you got this job , so spare yourself the embarrassment of getting fired.

    Best answer is to leave drugs alone period......

    If the drug test is preformed at a lab the bleach will show up as a masking or specimen altering agent and destroy the metabolites of the drug in your system. The bleach will show up in your UA and lead to a positive tampered specimen and you will fail the drug test. Now a days the only thing that will buy you more time is if you drink several gallons of water for three days prior to the test. This will dilute your sample so much and flush out the drugs metabolites that your urine will be nearly 99.5% H20 b/c the water at that point will not be needed in your body and go straight to your bladder to be urinated out almost immediately and not allowing the tiny amounts of the "drug" to be released from your kidneys for that next urination. The drugs metabolites are stored in your bodies tissues for several days and released out a little bit at a time during the 2 dozen urinations you will have had each day to take b/c of drinking so much water over the past 3 days. You will get a letter in the mail informing you that you have 24 hours to retake the test and not to consume as much water prior to the next UA. That is exactly what happened to me for a job with a pharmaceutical company which I got.


    This *&^% has retired from his/her job. The brain has been permanently retired. No loss at all here. Maybe if he/she were hit by a driver high on crystal meth, or something else, wound up in the emergency room, was operated on by a surgeon who botched the operation while high on drugs, leaving him/her a quadraplegic and gave it some thought, there would be some reconsideration as to this stupid answer.

    i herd you can take azoes the female urinary track infection med you can buy at any pharmacy but i dont know if its true people just told me that


    What kind of public service are you effectuating by giving this *&^% and others out there info. on how to beat a drug test? Oh, I guess "your name" speaks for itself.

    They're always trying to "beat the system" rather than be responsible, mature citizens! Everyone owes them hoo hoo. Is that you too Mr. dui?

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