what type of u.v goggles should i be using at work, what eyedrops are suitable for arceye

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    You need to supply more information as to what you are specifically doing.

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    If you are using an oxy-acetylene torch you need a #5 shade lens, and if you are arc welding (SMAW) up to 1/8" electrode you need a #10 shade lens. Although some people prefer a #11 or #12 shade lens. If you are constantly being flashed to where you have to worry about what type of eye drops you need...something is really wrong with where you work! Thirty five feet of atmosphere will filter arc welding rays in most instances. I've worked for well over 20 years welding, or doing jobs that required welding as a part of it...and, if I needed eye drops, it would have been mostly due to a little too much vodka from the night before. You can also get safety glasses that filter U.V. rays that are around a #2 or #3 with side pieces that block from being flashed from the side.

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