What, other than 'Pictures' and 'Documents', might be reducing space in my Local Disk (C) Drive, please?

    My computer - which I'm sure I'll never understand - is starting up very slowly, and a'pop-up' regularly appears telling me to free up space in my Local Disk (C). I have been told that pictures and documents are in there and have been advised to load them on to an external hard drive. This I will do ( I hope), but what else could be loaded in there? How can I find the size of the various drives of 'My Computer'?

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    There are always a lot of Temporary Files from everytime you open a website just to look at things. You need to go into Control Panel and tell the computer to delete cookies and browsing history each time you shut down the computer. If they are important enough for you to visit again, save them in Favorites, but other than that get rid of them.

    On the size of the drive, usually when you click on your Open button, click on Computer - the different drives or disc show up, click on say the disc and open it, there is a size that pops up showing how much stuff is on the disc and how much room is left on the disc.

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