(TRIVIA) Eskimos are excellent hunters, why don't they ever hunt penguins?

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    <a href="/users/997/spaceghost/">@Spaceghost</a> - I have the answer, but Colleen beat me to punch.

    The Eskimos live in the Arctic (near the north pole) and penguins are found in the Antarctic (the south pole).

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    Lets see who can answer this one !! I bet you can't. Come on Pam, give it a shot !!! Now this is FUN. I'll let everyone know who answers it. GOOD LUCK.


    YOU GOT IT !!! Damn YOU ARE GOOD !!! SMART lady I LOVE IT !!!


    To be totally correct, penguins do live in the north. These are birds like the extinct great auk. When explorers went south, they saw birds that resembled familiar birds and called them penguins. The birds we now call penguins are correctly called 'manchots'.

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    Eskimos live in the north pole and penguins are in the south pole. It would be one heck of a trip to get a penguin dinner.



    Dang, internet went slow. Think my routers getting slow. Didn't see Pamela had answered it already.


    WAY TO GO COLLEEN, YOU GOT IT !!! I love an INTELLIGENT woman. Man you got it on the first go WONDERFUL. T.U. for you. Thank you.

    They do but only on their holidays to the antartic. I have seen them ,the eskimos, paddling their kayaks past my place on the seafront of Australia loaded with frozen penguins heading home for a "Penguin Fest"


    Are you for real? I mean really I didn't know that. Very interesting. Thank you for that info.

    Didn't you hear the Penguins started a Hockey team.


    Ha Ha, that's not it PP,are they good ?

    papa peg

    Yep they won a few CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    Cause thats supermans job..

    They just have an aversion to hunting those dressed in tuxedos.

    OK smart asses (arses for the Brits) how come the people who live in the antarctic don't eat polar bears?

    There are no people "living in the antartic" so the polar bears are free to roam as they see fit. The bears eat leopard seals, penguines and the occassional yank who doesnt believe there are polar bears in the antartic. They trap them by making a hole in the ice and putting a McDonalds burger near the hole when the yank bends over to get the big Mac the bear kicks him in the ICEHOLE. Dont believe me? well that is your privilege, I have watched through high powered binoculars from the land of OZ where we do know our arses from our asses. Asses we use in fun parks where children put their arses on the asses back and go for a ride.

    dont taste very nice with chips



    Can't imagine they taste very nice with anything, lol

    Penguins stand with only the white part showing, hard to tell them apart from the snow. In the dark they turn only showing the black. I'm trying not to laugh.


    I like that, go ahead and laugh because I'm LMAO. Very good.

    Btw, Eskimos like to be called INUIT these days ! Not that it bothers me, tho.


    That's what I was about to say! The term "Eskimo" is actually offensive (I read somewhere it means "raw-meat-eaters"). Inuit simply means "human being", which is how the Inuit (correctly, as I find) call themselves.

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