Has anyone ever had to shoot a person? ( pistol,rifle etc.)

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    Not a question you ask a former soldier, sorry can`t help.


    I understand.


    Roger that. Thanks anyway.

    When you shoot yourself in the arm.Isn't that considered friendly fire.


    Not so friendly when it happened, I could have killed the SOB that did it.. I was really p.o. :)

    Does shooting yourself count? I shot myself in the arm with a .22. It hurts like hell when you do that. Some people should just stay away from firearms, I'm one of 'em.

    That said, Just what are you looking for? Why would you ask such a question, what's your gain from knowing this? I'm with the military people here, except I'll go one better, 'it's not your concern' just be happy it wasn't you.. You could get a feel for it, join the military and maybe you'll find out for yourself..


    You didn't really have to answer if you didn't want to it's my question , no one forced you to answer and I've been in special forces and much more. If you don't like what I ask, just don't answer from now on thank you.


    I always got to get the nasty people, the disrespectful and negative people, I see you haven't asked a question, but I won't be an ASS when you ask one and ask you why you asked it. From now on if it is a question you don' t like you're not obligated to answer it. And I got the right to ask questions, just like anyone else.


    Spaceghost, I haven't asked a question because I have no questions to ask at this time, when I do, it will be a good one I am sure.

    Also, I really didn't think I was being an 'ass' by replying to your question with a question simply because it was such an 'off the wall' request. You say your were in 'special forces', if this in fact is true, you would have been conditioned not to be sensitive about such a thing. In all seriousness though, you're correct, I really have no business answering your question since I have never shot a person other than myself and I find that funny.. C-U

    Yeah, when I was in the Army I did, I think I got him.

    Veteran here too. Do you really need to know that?


    No sir, I understand.


    Is that why you voted down my answer? I've been confused before, but now I'm really confused.

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