Why are people SO much more hateful and mean nowadays ?

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    Even some of the people on this site, they don't just answer questions like civil people, they disagree sometimes just to disagree, with no valid reason.


    Hello ole hipster, long time no see LOL. Rest yourself sweetheart, good to hear from you.


    Thank you so much sammy,LOVE YOU MAN. T.U. for you.

    ole hipster

    Point reinterate there my friend..I'm tired!!

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    Hey Ghost. You know my views. For some bizarre reason people find it much easier to put someone down than to build them up. Great to hear from you.


    It's not surprising that this website mirrors the real world ghost. There are people that bond right away, like you and me and some others, and then you have those who just rub you the wrong way. The problem with online communication is that certain people can hide while they type and hit "send" and don't care about how it's taken by the others. You've made a lot of friends on this site and when YOU get irritated, we ALL feel your pain.

    Remember that you have many more friends than enemies so stay cool brother and we'll talk soon.

    Ms Sinclair

    Thumbs up to you Spaceghost and Coach.


    Hey Coach, GOOD to hear from you my friend. You are a GOOD,DESCENT and RESPECTABLE man and I'll ALWAYS have your back. I know that everyone's not going to agree from time to time, that's human nature. My thing is if anyone is going to debate something, act like ADULTS, they don't have to put people down and disrespect them. Some one said that I came across mean and hateful on some of my comments, I did, too the ones that were disrespectful and hateful to me. I've never had any trouble with You, Pam, Jenn, Colleen, Darci and Ms.Sinclair, You all treat me with respect and you'll get it back.


    Thumbs Up for you coach.


    Thanks Coach, you know how to make a person feel good, I needed that.

    End of the days Bro, go and read your bible and you will understand why?


    You know Andrew, I believe you're right, thanks for the input. Thumbs Up for you my friend.

    If you thought that 5 years ago,you should look in on us now,,the times within the world have changed a great deal..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Simply put "Misery Likes Compnay" so don't keep them company by responding to something you find offensive.


    Thumbs up mom, thank you.

    We have less patience for people as a result of all the other aspects of life that provide instant gratification.

    I remember my dad and uncle.When they came back from Viet Nam people hated them spit on them and called them baby killers.And you wonder what's wrong.I'm proud of all my family members that fought and all the other Hero's Today.That give their lives for our fading and hate filled freedom.


    Well done papa peg cadillacs and all. Get rid of the caddys and you will have a whole new outlook on life, I know I did, don`t wear glasses except to read. I digress as a ex Artillery man whos father served in both WW1 & WW2 2brothers WW2 1 Sister WW2 numerious uncles in WW1, one after whom I was named KIA in France at Fromelles only 27 days of joining 17th battalion I wonder sometimes what the hell we did it for but I would proudly do it again if I could help. Anyone who insults the military insults their country.


    A BIG THUMBS UP. PP, you hit the nail on the head on that one.

    papa peg

    I thought I missed the nail.I have cadilliac's on both my eyes.

    I don't think people are any more hateful and mean today than before. Its just that people are more able to make their hateful and mean remarks more readily known because of the internet postings. In the past, ignorant people generally kept their comments to other ignorant people they hung out with, but today, those same people can attack anyone's writings on-line and there seems to be no repercussions. In other words, its like the news on television showing natural disasters all over the world, and people thinking there are more earthquakes because they see them on the television.

    Ms Sinclair

    Couldn't agree with you more. I was just about to post the same comment about the internet when I saw yours.

    I truly believe that there are too many people now days with no morals, values or compassion or caring and striking out at others seems to be their only goal or entertainment in life which I find truly sad.



    Very true Darci, thumbs up for you.

    Many find life incredibly stressful. There are many factors, but the greatest is that the world is full of hate and vice. Our minds are polluted with everything from rape to murder; war to poverty; and 24/7 news that is void of peace and good will. People have become restless, worried, scared, and afraid of tomorrow. For good reason I might add.

    We all need God and His peace.


    Thank you. Your words are very kind.


    Mat, well spoken, I love what you said. Thumbs Up for you.


    You are very welcome sir, I love descent and respectable people. You're right we all need God and his peace.

    i tend to think that we are better than times before ,yes bad things are done to people still ,but i look at the response to the japan tradgy and see that over 70 countries helped out.20-30 even longer years ago this never happened..we are getting better at helping each other ,which translates as been better people..thats what i choose to belive

    I think there are too many people on the planet, although I'm glad I'm here. I think that most people now days have to be motivated to love. I hope you don't mind me mentioning the Bible just assume that if it's me writing then there is probably going to be something from the Bible and then you can skip me if you like. Anyway, the Bible is clear that in near the end because iniquity abounds the love of many will grow cold, and unfortunately that is true of people religious or not. But God gave two great commands, Love Him foremost and your neighbor as yourself. If those commands were to be followed we'd love each other, and you'd accept me as I am, and I'd accept you as you are. I'm willing, I try.


    Mitchell, WELCOME,WELCOME and THANK YOU SO MUCH,for your wisdom, YOU are ALWAYS WELCOME to reply to ANY of my questions. I'm giving you a Thumbs Up for your answer. I'll NEVER skip you, I respect you.

    History proves you wrong. It's filled with examples, too numerous to list, of the atrocious things that people have done to each other down through the ages. The difference is that now it's personal because you exist and are consciously aware of the mean and nasty things that encircle us everyday.

    I remember in Germany people wanted to come to America.And from other countries.Now you couldn't pay them to come to our country.


    PP,You are soooo right, America is very bad , drugs, violence etc. It's really bad, thanks PP.

    papa peg

    Don't stop me now I'm on a roll

    The world is a mirrior, what one see in it is ones self. Look mirror and repent your dark visions, that you may rise from the mier and thus you will make a difference in the world. One must know the Good, before one can recognize it. Repent and evolve. Be happy. GL

    Most people feel insecure, they worry about their future, they daily heard the news about tsunami,earthquake,terrorism,muders,scandals,rapes,extortions, and many more things. They get tense if they find any problem. They worry about their future.They live in reality, they never follow the god, who is the only one who gives peace of mind.



    Spaceghost!!!!!! Welcome back!!!! I was sad when you left after that fight : ( It's good to see you : )



    As you'll see, (if you haven't seen already) I left and came back too. My away time was MUCH shorter than yours however, lol I'm doing good. Thanks : )

    Ms Sinclair

    The news media thrives on sensationalist type stories that increase people's fear. Unfortunately, there's no money to be made in doing stories about average people doing positive things that benefit humanity. It's doesn't grab one's attention enough to be newsworthy in their eyes.


    I like that Mann2404, thank you.


    Well stated my friend T.U. TO YOU.


    Thank you my friend, I had to spend time with my sensei, he got me back on track. Hope you have been well, I missed you also. Thank you for your kind words.


    i'd like to say welcome back spaceghost also :)

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