what is 4 billion divided by350 million

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    This is a very simple question.
    That is, divide 4000000000 by 350000000.
    In fraction, this can be written as 4000000000/350000000.
    4000000000/350000000 = 400/35 = 80/7 (divide 80 by 7).
    80/7 = 11 3/7 (in mixed numeral).
    So, 11 3/7 (eleven and three sevenths) is the exact answer.
    If you are in the primary school, you can write the answer as follows: 11 remainder 3.
    Hope this explains it for you.

    350)4000=11.428571 But that is not the correct answer to the question you have and did not ask. What symbolic elements will completely change the relationship of this question to derive a different set of variables? What part of the sum is the part of the second set that is derived from the second set that when added to the first set expresses the sum of the second set?

    Hey Gist, you don't know what you are talking about. Don't confuse the kid. If you scroll up you will see the correct working of the maths question. There is no other answer.

    eggplant, you are right. My answer is confusing and my symbols too. I was looking at the significance of the numbers …there are about 350million people in the US and so how much would each of have to pay in taxes to pay for the 4 billion dollar bill that the House rejected….take your pick on which one House bill it was.
    The answer is U-S-E.... A....C-A-L-C-U-L-A-T-O-R

    Don,t have a C-a-c-u-l-a-t-o-r

    No mention of caculator in my answer, try caLculator. No? then long division is the way to go.

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