Why is some of these members using " alias " names? Some are on here two or three times.

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    Hopefully the new format is designed to allow only one user name per IP address and if that name gets suspended, that's it, no more access to the site. No double and triple names and no creating new names once you're user name is suspended. Otherwise the whole idea for this site is for naught as it just turns into a juvenile, post anything stupid, forum. How can a site that's designed to help others (or it's intention is to help) be taken seriously with people posting insulting comments and dumbazz answers to questions that might actually be a valid question to the poster? Not to mention the oddball who thinks he's an alien and can't understand why he and his stupid posts aren't allowed on this site. Uh, yeah, the admins have decided they do not want him "walking among us". They own the site, they set the rules.


    Colleen, A BIG THUMBS UP FOR YOU. Finally someone that's sane. I'm getting insulting comments all the time now, some of these people, just like " walking among us" just don't have a life and they GET OFF by insulting people. Then we have the two faced people, that say they don't like the stupidity going on, on this site, but then turn around and ask where is " certain" people, the ones acting childish, because I thought he was a upstanding person, but the other day they said he was " insulting". Thanks again Colleen.

    I think they are doing it to gain karma points so they can vote up their own answers, you should go under contact at the bottom of the page and report them to aka. It's just like cheating in anything, you may win the game, but you didn't really earn it. Which makes for a hollow victory.


    Well spoken leeroy, I agree 100%. T.U.


    thanks s.g. back at you!

    <a href="/users/997/spaceghost/">@Spaceghost</a> - Are you aware of post "You Are Invited To Impact akaQA's New Platform"?


    Hey ghost. Your true strength is in your words of wisdom and your love of football :). Don't let the jerks on the other team entice you my friend. Men like us are trained to walk away. Remember pal, you can only control one person in this world. GREAT to have you back!


    <a href="/users/997/spaceghost/">@Spaceghost</a> -Welcome back and glad to have you back. I was reading some of your old post and I tell you...I would not to see you in a dark alley. LoL!!!


    Thanks Pamela, I wasn't aware, thanks for alerting me to this. Glad to be back, mission went well. Thumbs up sweetheart.


    I wouldn't harm a hair on your head, Love you too much. I'm a really good person by nature,but some of these ignorant jerks on here are really pushing my buttons, JUST TO BE MEAN. I've had special opps training, been a pro body guard, martial arts expert, my sensai once defeated Chuck Norris in their younger days. I'm part time SOF. That's just parts of my repertoire. T.U. my dear.


    Thanks Coach my friend I needed that, those jerks were beginning to get under my skin, and I know better, you are SO right , men like us WERE trained to walk away. I talked to my sensai today and he reminded me also. Thanks my friend for coming to my rescue and reminding of this. A well DESERVED Thumbs Up for you my friend.

    To harrass people I have unfortunately learned. ugh.


    You are right Jessica, now you know what we've been going through.T.U.for that.

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