China is hacking into our computer systems spying and getting all sorts of info. from the web, Does this worry anyone?

    What can be done about this? We have already put the threat out there that computer hacking is considered to be an act of war.

    In four years China is expected to overtake the U.S. as a world power, what can be done? Should we all just go out and buy Rosetta Stone and learn to speak Chinese?

    We are seeing the beginning of the end of our country, Washington is not accomplishing anything, they're just arguing amongst themselves. What's your opinion about the state of the Union, or the threat of China?

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    Do you think that our countries are not hacking into other country's computers? We are all doing it, so why pick on China?

    We have a lot more technology than most countries especially when it comes to the military. That should mean that we have the best internet security. Oh well, that department must have had government cutbacks like the EPA?? LOL.
    I understand your concern about China moving on up in the world. But I do know the Chinese people are very similar to us in that they seek to raise their families in a peaceful and loving home like we do. We are all tied together in a sea of money and drowning is not an option. Meanwhile I sit patiently at the bottom of the pond where money is no more than green paper slips and metal disks knowing their financial buoyancy will eventually fail, and fail again and again until we stop substituting products for currency and amazingly continue to thrive.

    Good point, rob!

    Thanks both of you yes, good point and nice way to view things.
    well from the intelligence that is on the web I would have to say not particulary worried. I think they might get more confused than not.
    I'm really not taking the side of this report one way or the other, just wondering if people are aware of what's going on in this world or if they even care?

    I believe it's mostly governments that are corrupt and power hungry politicians, dictators, etc... For the most part the citizens of many countries are similar in nature to one another. There are exceptions to this of course, a citizen of North Korea, or Yemen are going to have very different views than a person from Europe or the U.S.

    I am however, concerned about the state of my country, and concerned about the next superpower to come into the picture, they don't have a very good human rights record. So not trying to pick on China, just a little concerned, and was wondering if anyone else was? It doesn't really look like it though... Thanks for the comments both of you thumbs up.

    I agree with you. Have you ever gone to: It will open your mind to what's going on.

    Thanks ep, I'll check it out...

    We are doing the same thing to them.........

    i guess boycotting their goods is noy really much of an option.. they own our econemy. we do need each other at least for the time being; economic balance. till our dollar collaspes at that point what good are we to them! i refuse to learn their lanuage unless its a laungage of compassion for the american way.unfortunitly the average us citizan dont have the means to revolt.. just the way the goverment wants. a new president cant do much ... congress has the real power... so what next wait for the econemy to completly collapes... or a nucelar exchange!!1

    Thanks for the comment, you're right American's are to lazy/docile to revolt, or do something... or they don't have the means to...

    Chinese is an interesting and fun languageā€¦I would like to learn more of it than I have especially their poetry and nursery rhymes. When I was in China I used sign language more than Chinese as they picked up on it quickly and within a few moments we would have a pleasant chat. My signing technique is more like deff slang and Navaho as a pantomime. Such a way of talking is recognized in every culture.


    We must be far superior than them to want our secrets. What is it really that we would want from them anyway.

    OK people Walmart is in kahoots with the chinese hackers they are trying to do in TARGET HA Ha Ha

    That's the same thing my CIA friend said, who told you?

    C'mon America.. get out there and hit some good 'ol ' garage sales. Let's get back to the barter system. Can anyone really compete with Walmart. Talk about cornering markets!

    China is just one of many countries that try and crash into computer systems. As time goes on and on , it is only going to get worse. World peace will only be accomplished after the world as we know it is destroyed.

    No one trusts anyone in different parts of the world and different cultures and governments. Our world is full of amazing discoveries, and all we can do is have all governments trying for world power. Sick ... isn't it?

    Oh... by the way.. change your password regularly!

    Moo, nope just another cow being rounded up, on the way to the slaughter house...

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