Why do good people/innocent die and bad people live on?

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    your forgeting about mother teresa she lived 87 years
    God decides when we die. Bad people need more time to get it right or they will go to hell. Good people have done what God had for them to do so He calls them home
    One thing for certain is that we are all going to die at some point. I have to wonder if the fact that someone is young and a good person will stand out more to most when they die rather than someone who you may feel deserves it.We all have a reason to be here, is it that the young and innocent have completed what it was sooner and were able to touch on peoples lives quicker than those who are deemed bad.Maybe it is bad people that somehow teach us to be better...who knows, but it's certainly a thought.

    It'll all come out in the wash, I am sure.


    I guess I still have some things to "get right". Had what should have been a fatal episode this past week. Hope the "Big Guy" doesn't look at me like a bad person that needs a little more time here.
    life on earth is but a vapor

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