what dose it mean when a bird taps on your kitchen window

    is there a superstious meaning when a robin sits on your window sil and taps with his beek on the window

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    Maybe he or she wants you to get a birdbath and feeder in your back yard???

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    Okay, lets keep the bird haters out of here please. On the contrary birds are actually very intelligent. It really depends which species you are referring to, but studies have shown many species of birds to be much smarter than previously believed.

    Studies at the University of Arizona with different types of parrots have found the Yellow Nape and African Gray parrots to have the average intelligence of a five year old child.

    The expression,"Birdbrain," is an expression of the past. Modern research has proven it to be incorrect and out dated.

    They also used to say,"You eat like a bird," this is also another wrong assumption about birds. Because birds keep a high body temperature, they use lots of energy. So, they need to eat a lot of food compared with their weight.

    Just joking about the bird hater thing. They also are territorial and will fight their own reflection.
    Well it could mean that your window is so clean they think it is open. Birds have a really small brain and even with that are not very smart.
    They are seeing their reflection and trying to check out, scare off or fight the "other bird".
    in the tv film 6-feet-under a bird flew through the house and it meant something dark and scary. remember it was just a film. the film bird did not tap. it just flew right in to the party and scared the pie outta folks. itsmee

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