How can I get a message to Oprah, ok is that not possible?

    Ever since I got clean and sober in 1984, Christams Eve. I have use Oprah's show to teach me how to live, how to grow, and how to be a person of God. I loved the show about the Tea Room, I to have a chair with a fake tree and 2 plant on either side where I do my reading of 24 hour books, and my favorite Emmet Fox. When I'm in a Bad spot as people who suffer from depression can get I always have one on your show recorded or I watc it on T.V. now you are not going to be there and I find it a scary place to be.
    I hope you all the peace, good health, and I love you much. And I think it so cool you have such a good friend as Gale, I never had a good friend like that. Take care of that great man you have, I do have one of those name Gayland. We will Celebrate 40 Yrs. of marrage July 17, 2011 God Bless, thank you for everything.Jan Price.

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    Janice, her personal e-mail address is How do I know this? My wife is a diehard fan of Oprah and have me TIVO all her shows everyday so she could watch them after work. In her last show Oprah gave out her e-mail and she said she will personally answer all e-mails. Good luck to you

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