2001 Chevy Cavalier cool fan not working right. Unplug temperture wire an fan come on plug wire up fan go off.What's wrong?

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    I by no means consider myself a mechanic, nor am I specifically familiar with the vehicle in mention. But, it sounds to me as though the temperature sensor/sending unit on the other end of the temperature wire you unplugged is bad. If you can get to a large reputable auto parts store, get a Haynes Auto Repair manual for $15-$20, and look under cooling system. Those books often list common problems like yours, and precautions to take in replacing it. The books are an invaluable resource for people who find themselves having to fix their own vehicles. On the other hand, it doesn't sound as though it would take much to fix your vehicle, and you just might want to take it to a garage and get it fixed. Sometimes a solution is easy...but gaining access to it might mean removing 3 or 4 other things mounted over it. Short term, running it with the fan constantly going isn't the ideal way to go. But, it is better than it not running and causing your engine to overheat. Car engines have a lot of aluminum parts in them, and they do not react to being overheated very well. You can easily ruin an engine by leting it overheat. Where, on the other hand, if it runs a little cooler, you simply lose a little efficiency. But, get it fixed as soon as you can, as it is always best to run it at the temperature it was designed to run at.
    for now, until you figure it out, simply unplug it so it will run constant so you're not gonna have a problem with overheating.

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