What is gonna happen to cats when all men kind is gone?

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    Cats are tuff little creatures they will become ferral and go back to how they use to hunt and kill for food from one CAT lover to another dont worry they will look after them selves
    Who said all mankind would be gone?

    If that ever happened and cats remained, they would have to learn how to take care of themselves.
    Well, they existed before man had them as pets.
    i guees they all would be ally cats!
    Mine are going to heaven with me.
    Well, the question sounds pretty interesting...the answer is simple that there'll be nobody to call them,pussy,cat,billi. besides,in third world the cats'll thank God that the monster called Humanbeing has taken away,so there's no one to hit or kick or even chase them just for the fun sake....
    On the other hand the cats in the developed countries will be sad,broken & down,because they'll miss those who used to feed,pat & play with them.
    sajid khan
    WHO CARES!!!
    Where are we going?
    Why would you care,since nobody else be here,or know about what cat are doing?
    Dogs will inherit the earth and hunt cats for sport. The species will eventually become extinct and all traces of cats will be gone forever. Then, and ONLY then will I be able to BREATHE freely and not have to SCRATCH my eyes.
    You must be a SERIOUS cat lover to ask this! I imagine they would live as long as they could after becoming feral, and no longer able to fend for themselves or find food and water...they would become extinct along with us....but, I'm sure they would take care of themselves a lot longer than we humans could!

    But when there are no humans, where would cats find food. not enough mice to go around.
    I think I would be more concerned for mankind itself THAN CATS!

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