What happened to Is George Buckley back?

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    I know, you know I kinda feel sorry for the guy.
    ole hipster

    Ain't that the truth...sounds lonely and with a slight shoulder chip! If you know what I mean...though he was funny, albeit crude! (:
    ole hipster

    Oops just saw your comment now...sometimes when reading too fast I skip over something or Hell...I'll admit it just getting older. Glad you are doing well...been better here...3 doctors appointments coming up in 7 days....UGH....after awhile I just get sick and tired of doctors and I still feel like crap, probably from all the goofy ass drus they put me on and nothing that helps! that off my chest...I'm OK though...not to worry!

    If he could come back and just tone it down just a little bit, I think he'd be ok.

    Boy I HATE going to doctors, but sometimes you just gotta go. I know you hate being on meds, I do too. But hang in there my friend, my prayers are with you.
    i thought he was rather intriguing.. so he likes to put from the rough..who cares, he was a bit more entertaining than some of the new users we have now

    Apparently a lot of people cared and a lot of people complained about him. Occasion alien talk is one thing but thread after thread page after page of ridiculous babbling and we walk among you? Sorry, it just got sickening after awhile. Like listening to a broken record with no end. Nutcases should not be allowed computers in psych wards.
    ole hipster

    Hi daren1 ain't that the truth about more entertaining than some! (:
    I cringe at just the thought of him coming around. Sorry. I don't deal well with crazies who need to be on meds.

    lol, you crack me up...
    He was here about one or two weeks ago, but he was kicked off after only one question. It's a shame he couldn't be just a little more serious. At least he would still be around.
    Funny...I thought of him this morning for some odd reason...guess he did leave an impression on us! (: How ya' doing Spaceghost and leeroy and colleen...think you're all on right now) (:

    HELLO ole hipster, how are you sweetie? hope you're well, I'm really feeling GOOD today !!!

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