how old oes a child have to be to make a decision concerning who they live with

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    12 years old is the age where a judge will allow the child to make their own decision. I would suggest outside of a court room 16 would be the age as if a child leaves home then a paren con not do anything about it.

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    thanks for the input, i prefer to avoid anymore lawyer fees
    First of all...a lot depends upon who you want to live with and if they can take you in financially and emotionally...but, I think it's 17 in most if not all might have to petition the court for it any sooner...wouldn't hurt you to call your local courthouse and ask for help with your question...they might just be able to refer you. If you're having some bad problems where you now live speak to a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, get my drift? (:

    Thank you i will do that, you have been a big help.
    my guess is 18 years old
    When my parents were divorced I was 5 years old, they asked me to choose which one I wanted to live with. I suppose you have to be old enough to talk and make a decision?

    that would mean your parents were allowing you to choose. That is good that they didnt fight and allowed you this choice.

    True, I only went with the same choice as my older brothers and sister though, I just wanted to be with them more than taking a side of one parent or another.

    It's good to leave the choice up to the children, I think they should question them on how they came up with the decision, if I could go back in time I would choose to live with my Dad.

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