What in the Heck ever happened to the Middle Class? It's almost completely gone, don't you agree?

    There were three major category's Upper, Middle, and Lower. And there were also there different sub levels in each one of those category's. For example: Middle class, upper, lower, or mid in the middle class.

    The wealth has shifted hard in the last ten to twenty years due to corporate greed, and no politicians standing up for the little guy. Now the,"American Dream," of living comfortably and being able to retire at 55 is gone? Where the heck did it go? What happened? Anyone?????


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    It's all about government control. We are more easily controlled if we have nothing and have to depend on the government to see to our basic needs. Pay attention people, see what's happening and see that it's been a plan for generations. Homeland security?'s policing of the American people. What rights does anyone have at an airport now? None. We're allowing the government to take away our freedoms, our jobs, our money and our rights. When do we stand up and fight back? Texas has started. They are refusing to do pat downs of American civilians at their airports. Obamas government has threatened to shut down all air traffic in and out of Texas if they do not comply with the homeland security laws. How would they enforce to no fly zone over Texas? Would they shoot down any plane coming in or leaving?

    Good stuff Colleen, maybe you could put a web address for someone who would like to see how we are loosing our freedoms every day in this country, some people are completely asleep when it comes to what the government is doing.

    Wake up America, before it's to late!!!!!!!!!

    People who are asleep will only see a website telling the truth as a conspiracy website. I don't bother to try and convince anymore. I just do what I need to do to prepare. I can tell you this, when the shit hits the fan and you need to get away, do not follow the people to the safe zones. Those will be the prison camps this government has set up already. Stay away from cities and suburbs. Fend for yourself and do not accept government food or water. Stock up now on your own supplies. Call me crazy, call me a nutjob but I will be prepared.

    You sound alot like Glenn Beck. Hes been saying this all along. I totally agree with you.

    I really should watch him sometime. I hear his name around, especially on FB...most don't seem to like him but I've never listened to him.

    He's on FNC at 5pm or 2-2:30 a.m. Good stuff.

    Thanks Leeroy. I'll try to remember to give him a listen :)
    the american dream has now moved to china along with our cash.
    the fat get fater and the poor get poorer. union are close to a thing of the past..congress only cares a bout congress our president cares more about diplomatic relations than the kids who cant read and have nothing .

    A plus answer daren, if people don't stand up to congress or their greedy bosses, it will only get worse.
    I don't think being able to retire at 55 was ever an american dream, being able to work until 80 then having your children take care of you in the last few years was mine.

    In the 40's and 50's The dad could work one job and the mother could stay at home and raise 4 or more children. The family could afford to have two cars and own their own home.

    They could afford to pay the way for all of their kids to go to college. How does that compare to today's America?
    Headless Man

    True, but most worked all their entire life, if able and didn't expect anyone else to help, they invested in land or houses and sold things off to live on if needed.
    Headless Man

    The poor, lame or lazy get taken care of, the rich take care of themselves, the middle class in getting nothing and paying most.
    That's why both have to work and still can't make it.
    I'm on a fixed income now and don't even get a cost of living raise.
    We have insurance but pay more for an emergency visit than people who don't have insurance. I could go on and on but I won't.
    Almost. Most of the American people are being using as pawns. It's all a game and we are the bait. It's time to make the politicians be held accountable for the reason they were elected. It time for the american people to let our voices be heard!!!

    I'm serious the little guy or gal is getting pushed closer and closer to poverty. Who is doing anything about it? Politicians, they only care about who's paying their campaign contributions.

    sorry leeroy, had an emergency!

    No problem, I have had to run to the bathroom a few times, we all have things come up...Not meant to be a vomit joke, by the way...
    It's called, dumbing down. If you're all not well educated, you'll be easily led by the nose.

    They are also fattening us up with their recommended food charts. Fat, lazy, depressed, and stupid, that's how they want us to be. We're much easier to control this way.

    That is a good observation!

    I agree. The dumbing down of America began when the government took over our school system.
    I believe the unions are half of the problems here. They were great when they first started but got greedy like the government.
    I think it's part of the problem you're right about that Randy, there are also the masses of people who go through life with blinders on, never taking a stand for anything they believe in. At least in the 60's and 70's people got out and protested.

    If people do nothing (greedy people )with power and money will just keep on taking advantage of all of us little sheep. Hardly anyone takes a stand for anything anymore, that's how things have gotten so bad to this point where find ourselves now. It will only get worse from here until people protest and get involved in government, local and central.
    Don't even know what the middle class is anymore. Are the middle class the ones that lost their homes and jobs? Guess I'm rich, I still live in my house, and my wife still has a job. I 'm starting to feel like Donald Trump.
    I think people should be pissed about how the little guy/gal is getting screwed by the big corporations and their government. Is just scraping by the new American Dream?

    Thank you 5 and a half dogs, when are people going to stand up to the b.s. that the government is shoveling down our throats?

    A lot of Americans are like cattle they'll go any direction government tells them, never question anything , totally believe what ever they are told, no wonder we are a second class country any more , we like to think we aren't but in realaty many countries are better off the us

    The U.S. has been heading down the toilet for many years now, it's just some people are finally waking up and noticing what the heck is going on here.

    Gradual changes are harder to notice until a certain point and then people will wonder where all their freedom and liberty went, by then it will be to late. If you don't stand for what you believe in someone will take it from you...

    We are puppets on string. The big Corporations and the our Goverment are controling every aspect of our lives.Maybe we need a Revolution to show them how sick and tired we are to see our country disintegrate all because of Greed.

    I'm right beside you Ann. A revolution WILL happen if these crooks in power keep pushing. We are Americans after all and the good and true Americans do not just roll over and take it. ;)
    I think it will take the collapse of the financial institutions, more people will have to go hungry before they get involved, more people will have to suffer or loose their houses. Maybe it's to late?

    Many of us get to comfortable and we don't want to protest or get involved in government. The problem with this is the wrong people are involved and if you do nothing, nothing will change for the better. It will just keep on getting worse.

    I don't know exactly what we can do, I think just being aware of what's going on is a good start. I think the tea party movement is a good start as well.TMO Don't forget prayer...
    I think to better get a answer to that question one should ask the Senator from Wi. I am sure he;ll baffle you with his B.S. because he has no brilliance
    That's because of the dumbing down. I read Frank McCort's book about education in the US. I was shocked.

    I've read part of it a while back thank you for the reminder though I'll have to see if I still have it or lent it out. Great comment.
    If anyone would like to do a little research on the quality of living compared to past generations, it's an interesting and saddening subject.

    I have done some reading on the subject and you will be blown away at how things have changed, if you don't already know.
    The middle class has been taxed to death now it is rich or poor and I do not fall into the rich category.
    What can an average human being do Leeroy? Some people talk but can't walk it. Mostly because they have a FAMILY, if they go against something, they fear for their family. They have been dependent on the government for too long to do anything about it. REvolting causes pain and in some rare cases success. A lot of great people always come along the way, telling us the government is brainwashing us, what can we do about it? if you have ideas, share them please :)

    Protesting, rarely works

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