Anyone know how to realy realy stop smoking. I've smoking for over 50 years and have been trying to stop for 40 years

    Don't say will power, I'm well and truley hooked

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    It is probably the hardest thing you will ever do. I quit cold turkey. I spent 3 days with my hands clenched together like I was praying to keep from grabbing a cig, whenever the need for a cig came up. I sweat bullets during those 3 days, but the physical addiction lessened each day after that. McDonalds french fries helped deal with the oral fixation. Considering how long you've been hooked, it would probably help having a doctor work with you. Also, having people constantly cheering you on helps immensely. Make a quality decision that you will never smoke again, and before you know it, years will have passed without a cig. GO FOR IT!
    I've been a smoker too, for 45 years (hello...old one! lol) I tried the nicotine patch years ago and that worked...until life tragedies and stresses brought me back to the old cancer's never too late to try..I'm going to one doctor on Monday to get the patch along with Chantix (I believe it's an antidepressent) Friend tried it and worked wonders for you. I want to quick and need to quit but my old man smokes and that's going to be hard plus current stress level is extremely difficult right now but I'm hoping I have the willpower. If not, so be it...I'm at least down from 2 packs a day to about slightly over a pack...Try the patch and Chantix or ask your doctor about them and this combination as you will have to anyway to get the scripts for both, if affordable and/or you have goood insuracne/presciprion coverage. Hope this helps! (:
    ole hipster

    Oops, meant slightly over 1/2 pack!

    Hey ole hipster.been there,done that.Champix made me sick,(Nausea).My doc reckons he has another fix for me to try but I have to wait a bit because here in Oz you are only allowed 1 NHS prescription per year for nicotine addiction.Crazy isn't it/

    Ha Tommyh I'm going home to OZ in August, hope your kidding about that
    ole hipster

    Oh so it's Champix..I'll google that ... I don't nauseate easily ... unless I'm around people I can't stand! lol... just got back on site...thanks for the headsup Tommyh ... guess Illinois is better with their OK for scripts (I'm glad it's better for something!) That's weird about that limit!
    Hey, that post could have been written by me.I'm in exactly the same siuation.If you find the right answer let me know.I'm desperate too.Tommy
    Commit a crime to be sent to prison. No tobacco there. Believe it or not, if you quit tomorrow , your lungs will probably begin a healing process. Ive seen several people die from smoking and they were in extreme pain when they died. Now its a quality of life decision at your age. I hope you decide to just quit .
    Hey I smoked 39 yrs and quit welbutrin was my help haven't had a smoke in 13 yrs. I was a 2.5 pack a day smoker so I know about addiction to cigarettes . I got my mind set to the fact my best friend CIGS. was not my best friend but was my worst backstabbing enemy and every time I had the urge to smoke I thought about my best friend trying to kill me, even today after all this time I at times get the urge to light up as bad as I never had quit. I then think about my best friend trying to kill me. and after a minute the urge to smoke is gone. You can do it just believe in yourself that you can.
    Lets see.
    FIFTY YEARS at roughly a pack a day.

    That's 360 packs a year.
    That's 4,260 packs in ten years.

    T H A T is why I said "Why Bother".

    Yeah, quiting now would be better than continuing, but with 21,300 packs of Lucky's under your belt already you can see my point.

    KSC think you should go back to school and learn math's before you start giving advice like that.To start with it is 365 packs a year=3650 in 10 years x5=18,250 not as you state 21,330. Like to know whot you were smoking when you came up with your numbers.
    Only jocking lol
    O by the way, I forgot to include leap years in my numbers
    Another intersting thing is that if you multyply 18,250x20 (number of smokes in a pack) you come up with a figure of 365,000. Now where did I come across 365 before???
    Sorry TSC for addressing you wrongley
    At this point in your life why bother?

    hay tsc I'm only 64
    ole hipster tell 'em loafhead! 62 next month....never saw you before on site...welcome! (: No offense TSC...ya' know I love ya! (:

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