have anyone had a prostate operation and had sex problem after

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    yes, had mine removed about eight years ago. As time goes by more time is needed to rise to the occasion.. Suggest other alternatives before hack away. My case they also removed a nerve, one of two, which gets the erection going. If I could do it again I would turn over every rock before I let them yank my manhood. Goodluck
    My grandfather and a boyfriend from long ago. Both had issues with getting an erection after the operations. Evidentally, it is a normal thing to have happen.
    My dad, the doctor took everything!
    Having a sex problem after prostate surgery sure as hell beats the alternative. If you have been proven to have agressive cancer in the prostate, have it taken care of. There's 3 ways to counter this.

    1. Radical Prostectomy (surgery)

    2. Radiation

    3. Hormone treatment.

    Today they have 'Da Vinci surgery. (robotics) this is a good way as it is nerve sparing.. If your cancer has not infected both hemispheres then a good doctor can perform this nerve sparing surgery.

    Radiation has the same effect at a prostectomy but it scars the prostate and the bed-- Most doctors do not like to follow up with surgery if radiation had already been performed. Do surgery first.. If this doesn't work, they can do radiation. This will give you a greater chance at destroying the cells.

    Finally, the last course is Hormone treatment. This would be akin to castration, you will lose all sexual drive, probably gain weight and grow some manboobs. Hormone therapy slows down the production of the male hormone. This is not permanent though. If your PSA drops to 0 then the treatment will stop and if not gone on too long, your body will return to 'almost' normal.

    Yes there will be some sexual slowdowns, you 'wont' lose your manhood, you won't have semen anymore and erections can be enticed with Viagra but it will never be what it was when you were a healthy lad. But then, depending on your age, it was destined to happen anyway.. As I said,'it beats the alternative'.. What is more important, living or getting laid.. You can still have sex but if you're dead, well... You figure that one out..

    good luck!

    Not really answering your question, but to any guy facing this decision... Talk to your doctor about radioactive seed implants. Much less invasive, no damage to the nerves and works as well or better than removal of prostate.

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