the leaves of my japenese maple appear to have wilted and turned green, what can i do to help revive it?

    we have had very severe wind and rain and have only had the tree in about 5 weeks ive noticed the leaves have recently become dry, wilted and lost their lovely red colour they are now brown/green..any suggestions to reveive it please?

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    Make sure it doesn't dry out too badly. The wind may have taken all the moisture out of the leaves, when you transplant anything it sometimes sets the plant back because you've messed around with it's roots too. Even when the plant starts to look poorly you need to give it some TLC, keep it watered and give it a little fertilizer. You can also spray the leaves and branches with water but do so after the sun goes down in the afternoon so you don't burn any remaining leaves. The water droplets will act like a mirror and make burn holes where the sun hits them.

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