does Glen Beck have Jewish ancestors

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    No he doesn't. His parents are both Catholic. However, He does highly support the state of Israel.
    couldn't agree with you more leeroy.. gleen beck is a strong outlet for the bad our goverment dosen't see the importance of supporting our greateast ally,,
    I believe he has a German background, never heard that he was Jewish.

    He is Italien and German.
    Leeroy, what's wrong with being sympathetic to the Palestinian cause? It's not as if they don't have anything to complain about.Surely, you're not suggesting that doing so is tantamount to espousing the annihilation of Israel.

    That's a big part of the problem. Opinions are sharply divided between the right and left. Unfortunately, that goes for most polemic issues. You said that the left (liberal) media is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. I agree. But the right is as unanimously supportive of the Israeli government's position. So they're both thoughtless flocks of sheep.

    Shouldn't the right approach be supportive and sympathetic of both aspirations ?
    ed shank

    I am pro Israel. However, a comment many years ago made by the then PM, that Israel does to recognize the Palestinian state was a bit shocking, how do you not recognize one million people?

    I am pro Israel as well. That is,I believe in the existence of an Israeli state. I also believe in the existence of a Palestinian state. Somehow, many pro-Israeli supporters view this as being anti-Israeli. Go Figure.
    Gotta like G.B., he is way off mainstream media.... He just came back from a trip to Israel, and his point is Christians need to support Jews and Israel.

    The Bible says those who bless my people, I will bless, and those who curse the Jews, I will curse.

    Maybe that's why the U.S. is having so many problems since they've backed away from supporting Israel?????

    When did the U.S. back away from supporting Israel? Not to be confused with, When did the U.S. capitulate to ALL of Israel's demands ?

    Correction: NOT capitulate.

    Well, it's more like Obama's attitude towards them, most U.S. presidents are much more involved with them, not to mention friendly. The liberal media seems to be taking the (Palestine view) or being sympathetic for their cause at least.

    AAAH- HA ! Jewish, huh? I KNEW IT ! ;-)

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