I love football, Will they play in the NFL this fall ?

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    I'm hoping they resolve this before the season starts but if they don't, we may not see any football this season.

    The National Football League could face a work stoppage in 2011 if a new collective bargaining agreement isn't reached with the players.

    Read more at Suite101: NFL Could Lockout Players in 2011: Pro Football Owners Don't Renew Labor Agreement With Players

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    A Thubs up (T.U.) for the excellent question! I just gave you answer so it at the end. How about a T.H. for it!


    Colleen, thanks for the info, I'll check out that site, boy I hope they settle this, I GOT TO SEE MY FOOTBALL!!!! ADDICTED.


    Thank you so much my friend, Raider YOU are the man.

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    I saw a news piece on it today saying that it's not likely this season will be held up.

    They said that the Owners want to make more than the previously agreed fifty percent split that they have with the players. The players said why, You are making plenty of money? Show us some paperwork that you aren't, and the owners said take us to court. It's all about the money, the owners want to make a better deal for themselves.


    Man I hope they can hurry up and resolve this matter. Leeroy ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Thanks leeroy.


    Thank you for the thumbs up my man, I LOVE football, I hope my team pick well in the draft. I got NFL network, trying to keep up with what's going on.


    Can't wait, will be looking forward to the drafts, got u a thumbs up, there must not be a lot of football fans on this site?

    oh yes they are not going to miss out on any of the big bucks involved


    True that !!! Thank you for the input !!!

    Hey Spaceghost are you trying to defuse the situation here or being a really nice person??


    Hello there ole hipster, I really am a nice person , I'm a easy going person, like to joke when the time is right. But when it's time to be serious I'm serious. Everyone that know me know that I will bend over backwards to help my fellow man. I just don't like be disrespected, because I do my best to respect everyone. Hey we are good.

    Yo Ghost, I love my football as well and I'm a huge fan of the college game because the kids are playing hard so they can get to the next level. The pros are becoming a bunch of over paid ex-cons (yes MV, I mean YOU!) I'll even take in a random high school game as well just to get my football fix.


    I've been coaching high school and middle school for years and it's a blast. Look into your local school system or youth leagues to see if they need coaches. You'd love it!!


    I'm like you I got to see SOME kind of football, high school, middle school or Pop Warner etc.


    Hey man I'm going to do that, I coached Pop Warner a few years back and I LOVED IT. Thanks coach.

    Hi Spaceghost! Good to see u on-line. This is of utmost importance to me as well. Personally I believe they resolve their issues and the games go one. However if there is a work stoppage it will be max 2-3 games only. There is to much cash on the line for both parties to not to come to an agreement. Plus they are extending the regular season by 2 games to 18. The only saving grace I have is I love College Football just slightly more than pros.


    I love college football also, I got a nephew that will be a senior this Sept. high school, a few D1 colleges are looking at him he runs a 4.3 nine forty. You are right to much money on the line for both parties not to come to an agreement. Thank you, a Thumbs up for that.

    they should sign this week


    GOOD !!! THANK YOU for the input lax206.
    yes the lock out should be over by july

    Jonah, that is WONDERFUL news, I love my football. Thank you for your input.

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