why is communication essential in law enforcement?

    more specifically capturing a fugitive

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    Isn't it better to try to reason with the criminal and get him to drop his gun rather than shoot you dead?

    Sometimes trying to reason with a loony can get you killed. I am not a police officer but if some loon is standing in front of me with a gun, I am not going to try to make him sane with words, I would of course watch that gun muzzle of his and as soon as i saw it coming up to point in my direction, i would drop him in a heartbeat. Ceiminal minds are not reasonable, you are taking a chance on your own life.. He goes to jail, you go in a hole.. Not worth it just to be a nice understanding guy..

    Vinny, not all criminals are nut cases, some are just down and out people with no money that steal because they can't do anything else to get what they need or want. In some cases criminals are not violent - ask any police officer. When they hire people to be police officers they need to be able to communicate with the public as well as respond with great care to the ones they can't talk to.

    I don't think you can lump all criminals into one pot and say they are all unreasonable.

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