end of car release, is better buy or return for over mileage cars

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    Depends on the residual value of your leased vehicle and the total over mileage charges. Either way, you're going to pay and that good lease deal won't look so good any longer.
    if you like the car and it runs great and the price is right.. why not buy it.. whats the point in paying on another lease.. unless you need a tax write off
    Never leased a car. My wife has always put tremendous mileage on her vehicles, so it would not work for us. I look at the odometer and swear she went to the moon and back.
    ed shank

    Then again she lives in the malls on the weekends.
    I never lease. I would rather buy a different car.
    Do you mean what should I do at the end of my car lease, buy or return??????
    The only good thing about the lease option is that the payments are usually much lower. At the end of the lease, there is usually no penalty unless you go over your set agreed mileage. The difficult thing is you have to guess how many miles you will drive in two years, and it costs more to raise the number of pre-arranged miles, so you have to put more down and the payments are higher.

    On the other hand at the end of the lease once the vehicle has depreciated, you may want to purchase it at a much fairer price than a new vehicle. Many new cars loose almost 50% of their value the second you drive them off the lot. So there is a benefit in leasing, but you may be better off just buying a vehicle a few years old. At least you would have something to trade in in a few years, but they always muck you over on trade ins. Hope this helps good luck...
    It was cheaper for me to just buy a different vehicle at the end of my lease, only if they give you a great deal, research the price or resale value of your leased car elsewhere.

    Once you know the fair market price for the vehicle, compare it to what deal they're trying to make with you. If it's not the better deal, tell them where you can buy the same car cheaper and see if they will match or beat the price of the other car dealer. Then just before you make the deal final, back out and say," I can't handle these high payments."

    Ninety-nine percent of the time they will lower the price on the spot, if not maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Good luck.

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