do anyone on this site suffer with gout ?

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    Important question Spaceghost, Thumbs up


    Thank you so much my friend, and thanks for your input.

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    great, somthing else i got to look foward to as i get older

    Hopefully you will not get it, I hope not my friend, VERY painful.

    at age 50 im not in too bad of shape im about 10 pounds overweight ,on no medications at all , nor had any surguries.. could be much worse
    Everything answered on this site is correct...My old man and one of my exes suffers from fun at all...I can sympathize as I have rheumatoid arthritis...pain however avoid liquor at all of the worst triggers for gout that there is! (:

    Very true ole hipster, liquor and seafood and what I hate I can't is peanut butter, I LOVE peanut butter but can't eat it anymore. Thank you for the input.
    ole hipster

    Hey...didn't know that about peanut butter....significant other eats it practically every day. Will let him know...he's just beginning to get gout...started about a year ago....don't want him to aggravate that lovely condition...take care SG! (:

    Spaceghost gout is a condition characterized by an abnormal metabolism of uric acid. People with gout either produce too much uric acid, or more commonly, their bodies have a problem in removing it. There are a number of possible consequences of this buildup of uric acid in the body, including gouty arthritis, kidney stones, and local deposits of uric acid. It starts as a painful, inflamed, red hot, area in the joint especially in the foot. The prevalence of gout appears to be increasing. It is currently estimated to be affecting over 5 million Americans. Most commonly in males over 40years of age. Hope this helps friend.


    Thanks so much my friend, where have you been? missing you man. I suffer with the gout sometimes, depends on what I eat. Thanks so much Raider8763 my friend.

    The most common cause of a gout attack from eating is through shellfish. Crabs for instance do not urinate as we know it. Instead the excess uric acid is evaporated through their body, thus their meat. Shrimp, lobster, all those guys are guilty. The result to the human eater is extreme pain in the joints especially in the toes or fingers.


    Thanks Shadow and charlie409, yes had to cut back on shellfish and I take indomethicin, that helps.


    Yes, it's a terrible disease. Painful. For home remedies try cherries or celery seeds. For real relief, indomethicin or if you have chronic gout, Alipurinol. Good luck

    When your body does not get rid of the excess uric acid,it crystalizes in the joints and tries to separate the joint. Sooooo much pain! It is nothing to laugh at as some do. Usually it affects the toe or foot and occasionally in the leg up to the knee. if you have a lot of stress,that makes it worse! The med. allopurinol is a good daily med. to take to help prevent an attack, but occasionally it comes back to a lesser degree and then the med. colchicne helps get rid of it. it might take a couple of days. I did take the med. indomethacin, but the doctor said it was affecting my kidneys. A person I know drinks cherry juice every day and says it keeps the attacks away. all these meds. are prescribed by a doctor!
    Good luck, L.D.

    Thank you SO much 6bigred2, I have the gout from time to time and I take indomethacin, but I hate taking it because like you said it affects your kidneys. I tried the other 2 meds but they didn't do me any good. Uloric is pretty good. Good luck to you too my friend. I appreciate the info, Thumbs Up for you.
    Gout is a form of arthritis and is caused by the consumption of foods high in purine. Shellfish, asparagus, alcohol. It is called the rich mans arthritis. I take purinol on a daily basis and it helps prevent flareups.

    Of course, drinking lots of water will help rid your system of the uric acid - SO, if your doctor prescribes water pills for other reasons - DO NOT take them - that depletes your body of fluids and brings on GOUT!  I've been there - done that!

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