can you pay a lawyers bill with change if that's all you have

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    Considering the rates they charge, hope you've got a dump truck.
    yes, if you have a wheelbarrow
    Now that would be poetic justice...sure you can if you have it saved and counted(would have to be in offical bank coin wrappers and you're gonna' need A LOT of change for a lawyer I bet! LOL
    He probably won't like it, but money is money! As long as your paying it he shouldn't complain.
    I don't see why you wouldn't be able to pay with change..if he wants his bill paid, he better take what he can get...beggers can't afford to be picky..YA FEEL ME?
    why not go to the bank and have it converted to paper
    Flip is my childhood nickname. Dog is Max. (& he doesn't like to be referred to as a dog ... thinks he's human.:o))
    I'm betting he could sue you for the inconvenience.
    ole hipster

    Funny as always Flip (is that your name or the name of your dog?) lol
    Somewhere in the back of my albeit feeble mind there rings a bell that it is possible to refuse coinage over a certain amount in payment. Check you banks info people.

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