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    The short answer made only in the UK, is your space bar broken?

    The Jaguar is classically a British auto offering, and though the company has changed hands, the production plants for Jaguar are still in the UK.

    The original Jaguar developed from another company, the Swallow Sidecar Company, which was located in Blackpool, England. Swallow eventually moved to Coventry, where Jaguar was produced for several decades.

    After WWII, the Jaguar production plant location was moved to Brown's Lane. In recent years, this plant was shuttered, and production moved to two locations: Castle Bromwich in Birmingham and Halewood in Liverpool. These two locations have shared the production of the various Jaguar models, including the XK, X-Type and S-Type, that help maintain the brand as a popular luxury car for buyers all over the world.

    In 1989, the Ford motor company purchased Jaguar, and held it until 2008, when it was resold to Indian auto maker Tata Motors. The Jaguar division was packaged along with the Land Rover line of vehicles, which Tata now also owns. The bottom line is that, though the Jaguar company has not been in British ownership for many years, production still continues to be located within the UK. However, rumors abound of new plant locations for the company, as executives make statements about the future of Jaguar. Along with plans to compete in offering environmentally sound solutions to a worldwide customer base. There are also indications that in the future, current UK plants may decrease or cease operations. However, for the moment, Jaguar cars are produced within the UK and shipped to their global clients.

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