What do you do when you're stuck in the middle of verbal fight when it has nothing to do with you?

    2 years ago my boyfriends ex-wife and my sister got in a fight when my sister called the ex-wife's boss to have her removed as my nieces ea. That started a fight because she almost got fired. When it happened my sister called me to tell me her side of the story, and then the ex-wife called to yell about what my sister did. I had nothing to do with this I live 3 hours away but yet they both called me and then when they get annoyed with each other they complain all over again about it. I have told them both repeatedly that it has nothing to do with me, but they decided that last night they would start the fight again on my facebook page then both of them called me again to complain about the other and I told them the same thing as i always do. What do I do you can't believe either one of them they are both pathological liars.

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    Never ever get in the middle of someone elses fight. Refuse to speak about the situation to both parties. If they don't like it TOUGH! If the start talking about the other, leave. If they call and start talking about the other, hang up.

    You have enough of your own problems - you don't need theirs!

    Here's the big problem if I piss my sister off she stops me from seeing my niece and if I piss off the ex-wife she will stop her children from visiting their father.
    Then I would respond "and the reason you're telling me this is...?" Hopefully, they both get the hint that you just don't care to talk about it any more.

    In case you're wondering, there is no way the ex-wife can not let her ex-husband see the kids, especially if there is a court order. She would be in contempt of court and he could bring her back to court and MAKE her bring them for visits.

    she has sole custody. and decides when they visit.

    Then it's time for him to stand up for himself on that issue - not you. Sorry, didn't intend to sound mean about that. They're his kids after all, not yours. You can't live his life for him, he made the kids now he needs to stand up to her so that he can see them.
    If he's unhappy about the custody, he needs to go back to court and get that changed.

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