Is President's choice sucrella safe as a sugar substitute for diabetics?

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    I am going to assume you mean "sucraluse" that is the sugar substitute in President's Choice foods. You may have already eaten it without even knowing if you use Heinz Ketchup it's not even on the ingredient list. It's also in diet coke or any of the 1978 other products that it is in. If you go to a site called and search for sucraluse and it will tell you all the products that have sucraluse in them. As far as the original question, I am diabetic and sucraluse is just another sugar substitute. I've used it under the name of "splenda" and I didn't even know it until you asked this question today. So thanks for the question.

    Also if you look it up on Wikipedia it tells you exactly what it is. How it was discovered etc... pretty interesting
    Yes, as much as any of the other sweeteners on the market. There is only one natural one, stevia, but people haven't caught on to it just yet.

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