Is red wine good for you ?

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    I belive so 1 glass per night its good for the heart though i didnt know it was good for cholestral :)


    I try to drink three glasses a week.

    thats good Spaceghost I cant drink wine at all first I hate the taste and second I have hyitas hernia just dont agree with me never mind vodka is fine! lol

    One glass a day of red wine lowers the LDL (bad cholesterol) and diminishes your chance of heart disease. The antioxidants bind up the free-radicals which play a role in developing certain cancers.

    It is proven to prevent heart attacks. It fights bad cholesterol and provides antioxidents which prevent cancer.
    As long as you keep it to 1/2 a glass a day you've done well for your health.


    Hey Volcane, that's great to prevent heart attacks and fight the bad cholesterol, I can handle a half glass a day, thank you so much.


    Ha ha ha :-)


    1/2 a glass a day? I've been trying to keep it to a bottle a day before I get into my scotch.

    feels good after two bottles


    Ha ha I'll bet it does, thanks lisaowen.

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