i,m in love with a man who is alreay married from last 4 years but we want to marry . without divorce it,s possible /he said he is ready to live with her & me without his knowlegde we'll marry ,he said in court other person legaly marry with me & in mandir or gurudware he will marry with me & after that we'll continew our relationship and accoding to setutation he'll interduce me with her its possible ????????????

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    aint that beutiful , having two wives at the same time ;) Nope it's not a good idea
    fall in 'love' with another guy?
    Are you boths muslim? If you're a muslim he can have four wives, but be careful because when you get old and ugly, he'll introduce another younger wife. If he is doing it to his present wife, he'll do it to you later.
    Translation please! Sounds to me like these two people are both married to others already and now want to get married to each other also. Can you say poligamy?
    As much as you may not want to hear this, I hope that you would, at least, give it some thought. My dear, you are about to get yourself hurt in a bad way. The man entered into an agreement with someone else. This marriage is a covenant agreement. If he is seeing you while married to this woman, not only is he likely to do the same to you, but she and you are going to find yourselves hurt behind this man. Obviously he does not regard the agreement he entered. if it means nothing to him to break it, he would not mind breaking yours for another either. Very easy for these kind of people to do. If there are children involved, that will make the pain all the more hard to bare.

    I bet you heard alot of excuses, didn't you?

    your sister,

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