How can I cancel my AOL account

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    How to Cancel an AOL Account

    If you've ever tried to cancel your AOL account, you know how annoying and frustrating it can be. The following is a way you can get rid of AOL with the least amount of hassle.

    Moderately Easy


    * 1

    Avoid trying to cancel by phone. This if for two reasons: 1) you'll be on hold for a while and 2) the customer service representative will try to talk you out of canceling your account. You already want to get rid of AOL; you don't want them to throw new upgrade deals at you to try to get you to stay. Plus, you'll want documentation.
    * 2

    Write AOL a professional letter telling them you want to cancel your account. You should send it BEFORE the end of your billing period to make sure you're not charged for the next period. Include the following information:

    your full name
    your address
    your phone number
    your handwritten signature
    your screen name/username
    the answer to your security question
    the last four digits of your payment method
    * 3

    Send or fax your letter to the following:

    America Online
    PO BOX 17100
    Jacksonville, FL 32245-7100

    or (904) 232-4879
    * 4

    AOL will cancel your account within seventy-two hours of getting your request and will send you a confirmation letter.
    * 5

    Keep the confirmation letter for your records.
    * 6

    Watch your banking statements for the next couple of months to see if AOL inadvertently charges you. If this happens, send them another letter. In addition to including the information from Step Two, mention the following:

    request for money to be re-credited to your banking account
    the date AOL sent the confirmation letter
    the date AOL cancelled your account
    the date AOL drew money from your bank account
    a copy of AOL's confirmation letter
    a copy of your bank statement with the transaction
    * 7

    Repeat Step Six as necessary, but you most likely won't have to worry about this.

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    There's an 'AOL-delete' program I have seen out in cyberspace.. I used it once a long time ago, maybe there's an update on it..

    AOL is IMO one of the largest fraud (legal) viruses on the web.. But that is my opinion, it cries .. "I am a beginner and i am vulnerable."

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