are german spitz kliens playful dogs ?

    Me and my family are going to be getting a dog. The sort of dog that we would like is a German spitz klien we know quite a lot about them but we want to know if they are playful dogs.

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    Sounds like a great family dog but not for families with toddlers.

    What He's Like:

    The Klein German Spitz, or Toy German Spitz, is a happy, feisty, busy, curious, lively and devoted companion dog. He becomes very attached to his owner, and wants to keep close to you and be involved in all your activities. He is sunny and bouncy and craves attention and play. He seems to be laughing as he looks up at you! He's an adaptable dog who can go for long hikes with you or is delighted simply to snuggle at your feet. He is not a dog to be crated or left alone in a yard. He is anxious to be near you and to please you. He is trainable and learns quickly, but he is not instantly obedient and needs rewards and praise to succeed. He is quite confident and independent, and can occasionally be willful. Slightly suspicious with strangers, he will warm up and be friendly once he understands that they pose no threat to you. He is a careful and protective dog who makes an excellent watchdog. He guards his family, but generally is not aggressive to people: instead he barks loudly and forcefully to alert you to a newcomer. He can be noisy and bark too much, and must be trained to quiet down on command. He is a high-energy dog who is fairly active indoors and who also needs chances to play and romp outside. He needs moderate exercise, including a daily, leashed walk and chances to run free and show off his tricks in a safely enclosed area. He's an adventurous dog who needs to be doing things; he loves to walk on his hind legs for you, and he is a marvelous jumper who excels at dog sports like agility. He gets along well with other dogs and pets, and is excellent with and very protective toward children. He is better with older, responsible children, since he many snap or growl at toddlers who are too rough with him. He loves food and may try to steal and hide it from you. He is an extremely high shedder, and so would not be a good pet if you dislike vacuuming all time.

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