I am creating a Service company platform to help companies and out of work service people

    I need help with a solution to manage an online quote, sales and company management solution. Social web based site to host the site. I have all other that is needed. Partner Share offering. Got any ideas ??

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    I see you reworded your sales pitch. We are a free forum with volunteers answering simple questions. We are not here to help you create your business. People get paid for the advice you're looking for. If you need a Social page, try Facebook.
    True, what do we get for helping you? No one wants to pay people for their ideas they only want to steal them...I think you have a great Idea, google may have the answers your looking for, good luck.
    Go to Better Business Bureau. Look for "business plan". Fill out the survey. it will at least get you started on putting your plans into action and developing some of the ideas you may have in mind. will also help you think on some of the things you may need to pull together what you need to get it going.

    If you look up the better business bureau online, you'll be on your way, you can take that to an attorney. Worth a shot! I did it! Once you fill it out, it can be downloaded and emailed to you.

    Your sister,

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