i am trying to find the title of a french film

    it started with a train crash which resulted in two women swapping a wedding ring

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    Geez, I can't think of the name. I've been googling about it to see if I can find it but I'm coming up with nothing. Sorry.
    It had to do with a younger woman and an older woman and the older woman's husband had been killed in a war, right? The younger woman found a wedding ring and traced it's owner all the way to France? If I remember right. Does this sound like the movie?
    Ohhhh! I saw that movie too! Good movie. Let me see if I can think of it.
    Thank you all,keep trying.The train crashed as one of the women went to the loo.She was pregnant and unmarried so the married lady leant her her wedding ring ring so she ,the pregnant one,would not be frowned upon.The married woman and her hubby died in the crash.When the pregnant woman woke up the hubbys parents recognised the ring,family heirloom,and as they had never met their daughter in law assumed this was her.Then it got complicated,Cannot remember the damn title though.Saw it years ago in subtitles....please help

    OK, I saw this movie too, lol I do not remember the name of this one either. Sigh. I suck at movie titles. This was also a good movie.

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