My mom was given morphine for the first time and she felt unwell afterwards for 2 days; should her blood pressure have been checked?

    she is in a long term care facility. when I saw her at 4:30 p.m. the same day,her face was as red as a berry and carrying a converstion was tiring for her. she has severe Emphysema and she is in her final stages of that illness. She has pain in her sacrum are, due to a past fall in her apt. I explained to the Nurse how red my mom's face was and how she was "out of it" for two days, now.I asked about checking her blood pressure, but she said she would, but it was not done.They did say however if she needed morphine again that half of the dose would be given.They did get an oder to reduce the morphine by one half.

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    can you remove the blood pressure checked, as it has been in for 2 months now. Thank-you.

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    Your probably under a lot of stress right now, please accept my sincerest hopes that things will go better for your mother during this time in her life. We always notice everything, even the little things, when it comes to the care of our family members. It will sometimes seem as though others are thoughtless about their needs. Please understand that it is that way for everyone in your circumstances. You realize that time is short and there is really so very little you can do now except to find comfort in overseeing their care. If you take the time to watch your mother's condition and alert the nurses and doctors to changes you will be doing something good for them, her and yourself. Please take time to think about yourself and your needs too. When all is said and done, you will realize you did the best you could and it did make a difference.  Good luck.

    Some people are allergic to morphine.  Check to see if she has any rash or appears to be itching.

    My heart goes out to you, your Mom and family.  The answer that 6dogs4us gave is excellent.

    I am a retired Hospice Nurse and understand.  I have also been in this situation with my family.


    received my answers.  would you please remove the question now?  Thanks.


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