what causes repetative skin outbreaks, causing lesions

    stinging itches spots, and then a rash does appear, the skin becomes hot and red. Travels the entire body, and the crusty tops fall off and the spots bleed.
    Duration of outbreak is almost 14 years ago until now....have taken many medicines, creams and antibiotics but it just will not go away.

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    Shingles? Lupus? Is it shaped like a butterfly?
    It seems like you would have had a good diagnosis but I know that doesn't happen easily? Do you live in an area known for excellent doctors and hospitals?
    You could be allergic to something such as a type of soap, or something in the environment such as nettles, grass, or something you are in constant contact with or even breathe in. Try to remember what and where you are when you break out. A good allergist or dermatologist should be able to help also.
    I live in Vancouver Canada, excellent medical, and have even been to the DCC ( Disease Control Center) and was asked what country do I live in! I have no idea why the specialist would ask a question such as that. Could I possibly have contracted a foreign rash from some other country? Or person? I have almost lost my mind trying to get rid of it, and wearing full covering clothes on the body sucks.....I need help fast...

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