Why, when i took the servy for a wal mart gift card it cut me off and would not let me go forward because i could not get a credit card after they said i had already won the $1000 gift card

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    Right! It's a scam!!! Do not fill out any surveys saying you'll get something for free! They are all scams that will end up costing you a lot of money. Most of them do not send the card until you've spent more than $1000 on their scam program, if they send the card at all.
    its nothing but a scam...everybody wins 1000 dollars if you pay the $29.99 to join.. never give a cc number out as well as a ss number
    Another scam. They want you to get your friends involved. Each will be asked to fill out some kind of survey. When you fill out the survey, you find that you are submitting yourself to buying alot of stuff you really don't need. It will contain page after page of offerings. Some not so expensive, but some asking you to fill out credit info. Nothing but advertisements. Not only that, but, you'd be subjecting your unsuspecting friends to this.

    Your sister,

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