Did anyone watch that doc on self-induced dying when having a terminal illness in Oregon on HBO Wed night ?

    This org arranges to give the patinet a bunch of Seconal pills. Then, at the appointed time, when the patient is ready to go, a doctor or nurse comes to the house, opens all the capsules, puts it in water, and the patient can drink it with no help. I think they should have put it in juice, or something, b/c the Dr. tole the pt this is going to taste terrible. And when the pt drank it, she could hardly stand to get it down, b/c of the bitterness. Anyway, she said goodbye to her family one by one ---the down the hatch.She drank it. Then , as she was getting sleepy , she said, " Tell them that it's easy ''
    She had liver cancer.

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    Big thumbs up on this question, very thought provoking!!!

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    I watched some of it, it was to painful to watch because of the loss of my dad to cancer when I was a kid. It started with him as colon cancer, went into remission for two years after going through chemo and radiation.

    When he went back to have his colostomy bag removed and have his colon reconnected, they had to close him right away because they saw that the cancer had spread to his liver, it was only a few days later that he passed, once cancer is exposed to air it makes it much more aggressive.

    Anyhow I am torn about this (it was on tonight), I don't believe in suicide, but I hate to see people I love suffer. I have to leave it in God's hands as a Christian and trust Him.

    The bad thing about this Oregon law is that an Insurance co. was willing to pay for a mans death, but not willing to pay for a stronger chemo treatment, that could have saved his life. When he went public the insurance co. changed their minds, but it was to late by that time.

    I have dealt with insurance company's for a good part of my adult life and I know one thing is true, they are quick to collect and slow to pay. It's all about the bottom line to a business,(MONEY), it's not about a human life. How can you put a dollar amount on a human life??????

    Another thing is this; I have been alive long enough to see what happened with the D.U.I. laws. Fist it was just an open container law, later it was 0.20, now years later it's 0.08, zero tolerance. Now there are commercials about driving buzzed or tired. We give up our freedoms in the name of safety, I know it's not a terrible thing. But we do now have less freedom.

    What happens when a doctor's diagnosis like in the case of my mom's cancer happens? They gave her three months to live, three years ago. What if she decided to take the medicine after her three months were up? She would have missed out on the last three years of her life on the doctors word. We have to be extremely careful when making laws like these...
    thank you for your good answers. Sorry about your dad. I had to watch my husb slowly die of bladder cancer that had spread.

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