how to burn belly fat

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    Both good suggestions from Daren, and F.F., it's true if you just start walking, I would say for 30 minutes a day, you could start with 20, but that's how long it takes you to start really burning calories.

    Walks at first, find somewhere you like to go, even if it's the mall. Once you make this a 5 or more time a week habit, you will notice your pants fitting better or becoming loose in no time. It's all about speeding up your metabolism and burning calories. Eating healthy most of the time also.
    I think it important to cheat on a diet at least once a week.

    Once you get used to the walking you can do some more advanced exercise, it's really about a change of life style, not about exercise, it's making good habits and continuing them for a life time. Some of the best exercises for isolating the stomach are are crunches, leg lifts, and any type of sit up. Hope this helps...
    maybe just a simple walk for about twenty minutes a day or even some situps would do...

    hmm i cant walk that much n i cant do sit ups is there anything else i can do

    freedom fighter had a great idea about watching what you eat... that makes a big differance
    Eat less calories and get more excersize

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