My cousin got a netherland dwarf rabbit a few days ago and they recently put her in the garage. Would she get lonely in there? can she get depressed? Plz anwser i really dont want her to be in the garge though cause i feel it wrong. what do you guys think?

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    Rabbits generally do well by themselves. Make sure it always has fresh food and water, things to chew on, and enough space to jump around. For example, a cage tall enough with a platform or "home" for it to jump up into. Rabbits do enjoy human attention, so make sure to pet it more often than not, and let it out often to excersize.

    but she doesent have that much space to jump around
    Let's face it, would you be content in a dark garage all day. If you ask me, they could create a more natural and comfortable setting in the backyard. Be sure it is protected from any potential preditors. Good Luck.

    tru but there is some light in the gargae, but i know what you mean.
    Lots of clean up, if you're letting it run freely. They lay down pebbles like seeding grass. Definitely keep it in a cage with plenty of room to roam.

    We had a white/brown rabbit when I was 13. We didn't have it long, about a week. My uncle had come home, and the next day, I was looking for it, daggone uncle had rabbit stew that week. Broke my heart. I thought he gave it to us. No! He just wanted us to watch it for a few days.

    Your sister,
    I have a 6 month old mini lop who i keep in my house in his cage. i let him out during the day and he hopes around etc. he is absolutely no trouble to keep inside. i thought about putting him out into the garage but i think 'out of sight, out of mind'... after a while the excitment of owning a rabbit would wear off and he would be neglected. but this is not always true. there is nothing wrong with keeping the rabbit in the garage at all, but it is important that it gets atleast 20minutes of attention a day because rabbits can get very depressed if left in isolation. they are very sociable animals & make great pets!
    hop this is of some help!
    Rabbits respond very well to human contact, they can become like dogs and follow you every where. They typically do well by themselves as FF said as long as they get attention from their owners throughout the day.

    I guess my question would be why would anyone want to get a pet of any kind if they do not want to fool wth them such as play time, feed take care of responsiblity for????

    thx alot guys for ur anwsers they really helped alot
    my cousin is now putting her in the backyard while she is at school and wen she gets home she lets it play around i9n the house so i guess that should be fine for the bunny

    again thank-you so much

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