I have a fox terrier that given the chance will without fail find the stinking stuff and roll in it and come to me all happy as crap like looky looky I got stinky and want to share it with you, why why does he do this, cause it brings on a severe washing from me .uururrur!!!

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    This behavior is not conducive to pet ownership, however it is an instinct which although not needed by a pet, is still ingrained into their DNA.   It is to mask their scent, and as a hunter, it allows them less detection by their prey.  Since today, they have no prey but their squeek toys, it is not needed and we must put up with it.  As a terrier breed, who went to ground after prey, this group of dogs must have it deeply instinctive, as many a terrier still do this!  Get rid of him, or put it into your regular routine of his care adding a bath or two per week...


    I liked everything you said and agree except for the "get rid of him" bit. I have a beagle who rolls. A quick rinse down at the hose and wet wipes designed for dogs is all it takes.
    I have a beagle who does the same thing. Some dogs do this to cover a sent with their own sent. Get doggie wet wipes to clean him with. Dogs should only be bathed once a month and with the proper shampoo otherwise they can end up with uncomfortable skin conditions caused by dry skin.
    I have a jack russle. She does the same thing. They are mousers by nature. IF THEY FIND SOMETHING DIED OR DECAYING THEY ARE ALL OVER IT.

    my fox terrier is often mistaken for a jack russel I lovehim to pieces but man when he gets all stinky I just want to oooooouuuuu Thats his worst habit I have gagged so many times it ain't funny

    do you know what he is getting into.. ours has down deer before and gone back to it for weeks... we could not find it untell it was terribly decomposed. The risk of wormrs and other parisite is much high when they ingest wild game... birds and rabbits included.We love our girl too... She is the last of a forty year line that my dad started... She is so dosile. Very unusual for a JR

    it doesn't matter as long as good and stinky decayed is super high on his list

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