I got e=mails from african banker for deals to share money. is it safe or those are expert thieves

    banks in borkina faso

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    They come from Indonesia too. Yes, it is a scam and there's no way to get your money back if you fall into it.
    They are all crooks. Don't be gullible.
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    Mmmm man , don't get drag into it. It is a BIG scam. They are coming from all over the african continent. They claimed to have millions of dollars lock in some accounts but need some "loose" money from you ($$$) in order to release the funds and in exchange you will get an astronomic amount of money for your "investment" with them. Don't pay any attention to those e-mails.
    OMG, you too! Lol!

    Definitely a scam!

    My favorite of theirs went something like this: The president of Nabiru, My great uncle, died after a long illness. He left behind (some incredible number of funds)all this money. we have no one left here to turn it over to and would like for you to become beneficiary.

    These guys only want your bank account info. You give it to them, you can say goodbye to your bank account.

    There was one, here in Pittsburgh, over rental property. Apparently, the fellow was moving out of the country, and needed someone to rent the house. He wanted the renter to send monies to him, on a monthly basis to another country; yet, he wasn't going to be in that country, he was going to be traveling. (Was posted on Craigslist).

    Your sister,

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