What happen if you period don't go for 1 month?and still a virgin

    hey guys hmm im sandrine and im 13 years old an last month the may that just past i didnt see my period come n it always come in that end of month but it didnt n im worried n i know i cant be pregnant because im still a virgin ..i need you guys help wanna know what is wrong with me

    help please

    thnk you guys

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    Don't worry about it. It's not uncommon for young girls to have sporadic cycles if they've just entered into having a period.

    Are you eating healthy? This can effect your cycle, especially if you are the type who starves them self.

    Are you on the pill?

    If you are genuinely worried, talk to your mother about it.

    The internet is really not an ideal place to discuss this. We have a lot of men here who I'm sure really don't want to hear about it, lol


    yea i am eatin healthy and i dont eat ever day not takin no pills n thnk u

    You don't eat everyday and you consider this healthy? You're messing up your body by skipping days and you wonder why your cycle is fluctuating? Eat every day! Nutritional meals! You're body is in puberty and requiring extra energy and nutrients and you're starving it some days. Not a good thing. Fruits and vegetables everyday if you're worried about gaining weight. Give your body what it needs to mature so you're not loaded with health problems in your 20's.

    Colleen is right on as always... other things you may want to concider it anima, and infection .... not all infection is related to sexual contact. It is better to tell a parent and see a doctor to be sure you are healthy.

    okay thank you
    I wouldn't mind to hear about it, I cannot help. Don't know much about it but always ready to learn something new. Although your answer Colleen seems very appropriate
    That same happened to me when I was 14yrs old. It passed.

    Ever see a white Dachshund turn red?



    You are just 13 years old - do not worry talk with Mum she knows what you should do.- as Karma says and eat regularly as colleen says. At your age your hormones have not kicked in properly this is very common for the periods to be irregular. If you have any infection you will have other symptoms - discharge, soreness or discoloured discharge - white discharge is normal - your Mum will take you to Doctor if necessary or it to give you ease of mind.

    Most likely your hormones are out of whack right now. Happened to me at age 17, saw a gynecologist and she straightened me out within a week or so with  proper hormone balancing.. Keep good track of when your periods start and stop EVERY month so you have an ongoing history of your personal cycle throughout your life.  Will be very helpful in understanding how your individual body functions. And , YES, you must take good care of your body in healthy ways.  Eating natural, healthy foods every day is a biggie!  Do it for yourself and your well-being  in your life, and you are so young,  start now!

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