What's the best place to live in

    Besides your country, where else would you like to live your life?

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    Lake Como, Italy. Paradise on earth.
    my mothers basement...paradise by the boiler

    cheaper than Como too.
    Traveled a bit in my life, but as a whole there is no place on the planet I'd rather be than right hear in the USA. Hot or cold, gotta be right here. Spent time in Alaska and Florida and their both great cause it's America.
    Right here in SE Ohio......

    Right here in Ladysmith (home of about 5000 people) B.C. Canada. My home overlooks the Pacific Ocean, islands and the Pacific Coastal mountain range. There are massive trees and wildlife all around but at the same time, a mall 3 minutes away, two cities about a half hours drive. It is beautiful here! I can't imagine living anywhere else so even trying to answer this question to the fullest...I just can't!

    Well in the hopes and prayers that God is still working on me and I will always be learning and a work in progress I would have to say just whereever God wants me to be would be the best place to live because he knows best.....

    What happened to "free will" ?;-)

    That is my free will I love God and that is my free will. My choice.


    Maybe Bora Bora or someplace like that in the South Pacific.

    Pandora Pandora Pandora Pandora

    In a hobbit hole, or in a nice geodesic dome!

    The place I would chose would be a place that would not make me feel cold or a place that would make me feel too hot, this would be any time of the year without moving South or North certain times of the year. I live in this place and it seems for years many people rich and dirt poor have found that out. Now my dream place were shorts and T shirts are the yearly attire have been over run by to much of everything depleting resources and damaging the land. Soon I will have to move for the cost of living rises quicker than a normal wage.

    Ms Sinclair

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