who do you thaink will be elected presedent next

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    I dont know. But I hope its not Obama.
    No one knows now, it's just to early to tell. We will most likely have a realistic answer a week or two before the election and that guess will come from polls most likely. Through out our history there have been several last hour surprises when it comes to elections, so truth is (we'll see) come Oct. or November...

    Good question though, maybe a little premature. Thumbs up.
    I try not to think about it, it frightens me.
    It won't be Obama.
    Much to my dismay, I predict Obama.

    I sure hope for all our sakes you are wrong. If so I think the N.W.O. is really taking charge. lol
    i just hope the people have learned from thier mistake and make a nooooooooooo-bama decision

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